Wooden Garden Sheds

Garden Shed Kits

With all the garden sheds that are on the market today you have an excellent chance at finding what you are looking for in both price and size. When you go to your local retailer to purchase a shed some of them also offer a personlized package for you to choose your color and size. Check with your local company and see but you may be able to design your own and simply take in a drawing of what you are looking for.

You can purchase what is called a Prefabricated Garden Shed. The sheds are ready to be assembled and come with everything you need to build the shed including the wood, nails, hardware and windows and doors. The shed kits will also come with paper instruction on how to put your shed together and some companies even offer a step by step video of how to construct your new shed yourself.

garden shed kits

The shed should only take you a couple of days to put it together but some may take up to a week depending on the size.

The shingles for your roof typically do not come in your kit so if this is what you are wanting on your roof you will want to speak to someone about purchasing some shingles and how many you are going to need. There are many types and colors of shingles to choose from. Cedar shingles seem to be a popular type of shingles to install on a garden shed.

Next you will also want to figure where you are planning on placing your shed in your yard. Is the place you want your shed level? Do you need to pour a footer or lay block?

Paint or siding is something else you want to determine for your shed also. Most sheds can be painted but some people decide to put siding on them to match your house or another color that you may like.

Some types of garden sheds would be the Copper Creek, Sonoma, Telluride, Pioneer, Santa Cruz and Bar Harbor just to name a few. All the garden sheds come as a kit and would make a beautiful and elegant looking backyard for anyone's home. With this addition to your backyard or even side yard you will not only add beauty to your yard you are adding a very useful space for many types of storage needs and wants.

Wooden Garden Sheds