Wooden Garden Sheds

Garden Shed Plans

A neatly laid and well maintained garden is the pride and joy of any home owner. However to maintain a garden various tools, accessories and equipment are required. These need to be cleaned and stored well in order to ensure that they have a long life. Storing these items in the garden or the house will make it look untidy. A better option would be to store them in a garden shed. These sheds serve the purpose of storing and maintaining garden equipment and items like manure, pots, seeds, seedlings and much more.

Basic Garden Shed Plan

When making a garden shed plan consider the area you have available for it in the garden. A standard shed would be about 8 ft by 12 ft depending. It can be made with simple gable roof and wooden walls with double doors and windows on the sides and the rear to allow natural light. Have enough racks to store all the lighter items and a wood ramp to keep the heavy equipment like a lawn mower. Have enough hooks nailed in the wall to hang things. Mark a space either at the centre or in front of the windows to keep your work counter. Preferably get a table made of comfortable height so that you can do the potting and repotting jobs in a standing position. Ensure that you have good electrical lighting facilities and proper plumbing for use in any kind of weather and time of the day.

garden shed plans

Innovative ideas

Your garden shed can also double as a gazebo or a child’s playhouse. To plan for a gazebo, break the space into two parts and have only one half covered with walls, door and window. The other half would have one side fully open and have walls on the opposite two sides (which can also be designed as work counters).

Convert the roof of the garden to a child’s playhouse by putting in a loft and dormer window connected by a ladder.

A garden shed can also be planned like a pavilion in a pentagon shape. Plan cupboards or storage spaces or work counters on one or two walls of the pentagon and omit the other walls.

Availability of Plans

Building a garden shed is not too difficult provided you have a detailed plan, the right tools and enough extra time. Alternatively you can contact your local carpenter with the plan and have it built. Research online for some detailed garden shed plans and list of materials that can be used to build one. Most of the plans will give you actual measurements making it quite an easy task.

Wooden Garden Sheds