Wooden Garden Sheds

Garden Storage Sheds - Organize And Protect Your Gardening Equipment

Most gardeners invest a lot of time and money in equipment and accessories to keep their gardens looking beautiful. Garden storage sheds are an excellent way to keep all your gardening tools organized and protected from the elements when they are not in use, as well as a way to add a protected workspace to your garden area.

In order to determine the best size shed to obtain, take a quick inventory of everything you will want to store in your shed, including hoes, rakes and shovels, mulch, plant food, potting soil, fertilizer, lawn mowers and weed wackers, along with small tools like pruners, spades, shears, scissors and extra pots. Determine if you want to use the shed exclusively for storage or also as a work space that includes a potting bench and shelving. Ask yourself if it's important to have a window or some type of ventilation in the shed other than the doors and if you also need some source of lighting, either from a skylight or from electrical connections installed into your shed. It's a smart idea to invest in the biggest shed you can afford because once it's in place, you don't want to find yourself in the uncomfortable position of having it filled to overflowing on its first day of use.

garden storage shed

There are a wide range of prefabricated garden storage sheds available on the marketplace. You can install these right atop the ground or build some sort of concrete flooring to eliminate dampness in your shed. Be sure to investigate whether constructing a shed or erecting a prefabricated one needs any sort of permitting from your local office of building and safety.

The kind of material that your garden storage shed is constructed of may depend upon the climate where the shed will be constructed. Inexpensive plastic sheds can last a long time in moderate climates without any temperature extremes. But if you live in a place subject to freezing temperatures, snowfalls and high winds, you may find yourself having to replace a cheap garden storage shed sooner than anticipated.

Metal or wooden storage sheds may prove a more expensive initial investment but are durable enough to last a much longer time.

If you enjoy spending a considerable amount of time doing gardening, you can want to construct a garden storage shed out of lumber, bricks or concrete blocks that is designed to your specifications and including special features like windows, skylights and even plumbing and electricity so that you have water and lighting easily available.

Taking the time to think about your storage needs and whether or not you want your garden storage shed to serve double-duty as a gardening workshop will help you make the most satisfying storage shed choice.

Wooden Garden Sheds