Wooden Garden Sheds

Metal Garden Sheds

Gardening is one of the most popular hobbies in America and the UK and can be practiced almost anywhere; a backyard, or a balcony, a patio or a pot. Do you want vegetables for your dining pleasure, or flowers for you, and your bird and bee friends? You do not have to choose, you can do both, and have an herb pot to boot! Keep in mind that if you are working with a larger space more tools will be required, and with that requirement comes the need to store these tools. This is where a gardening shed comes in handy.

Whether you call it a gardening shed, potting hut or tool shack, gardening supplies that are not suited for indoor storage, everything from carts to pruners and loppers, reside in this space. Many a gardener will share this space as a workshop, and outfit the shed with shelving and pot racks. Since the shed is not part of a pre-purposed area of the home, such as a garage or basement, it can be highly customized. Some metal garden sheds have been taken to new heights with plumbing and electricity, and even a cozy cottage like feel.

metal garden sheds

The popularity of the gardening shed is such that it can be purchased ready-made, or for the do it yourselfer, kits or plans may be purchased. In fact, a true do it yourself gardener can design the plans online, have the materials delivered, and assemble their own creation. Many of these DIY packages include instructional DVD’s. Most agree that if you choose to build, having a written plan is an important component that greatly diminishes the chance of a major mishap. You can always alter the plan to suite your needs.

There are many materials used in the making of garden sheds, but the benefits of a metal garden shed are great. The most popular type of metal used for creating a shed is galvanized steel. This metal is termite and flame resistant. Galvanized steel will prevent rust in moist areas, and those that are vinyl coated will minimize the need to paint and resist fading over time. Metal garden sheds are extremely portable and lightweight, and are therefore often attached to a concrete foundation for permanence and stability.

Big or small, shed or no shed, if you feel the call to get in the soil and create, gardening may be the perfect hobby for you!

Wooden Garden Sheds