Wooden Garden Sheds

Small Garden Sheds

As the summer months merge into fall, and gardeners get ready to battle with the leaves that clog paths and driveways, or get out the snow-blowers to ready them for the winter months ahead, it may occur to them that having a small garden shed would be better than sharing space with one or more cars in the family garage. A small garden shed near the back door fast becomes an indispensable place to store gardening items as well as bicycles, umbrellas and all kinds of other miscellaneous stuff.

When considering the size and shape of the shed, consider the aesthetic impact on your yard. Wooden sheds are more attractive, especially the redwood models, but aluminum structures can be easily hid by strategic vines, and may be more durable, especially in areas where termites are active. Wooden sheds have a tendency to hold the damp, so if bulbs and moisture-sensitive items are to be stored, look at the metal models first, to see if they would better suit your purpose.

small garden shed

Windows are a pleasant addition and a necessary one if no electrical outlet is to be installed. Some sheds have skylights to bring in overhead light, but can leak causing damage, and if left open during an unexpected shower may quickly fill the shed with water.

Adding a bench and stool, if room permits, gives a gardener a safe haven from cold winds during the winter months. Pleasant as it is to find somewhere to rest and have a warm drink, before tackling the snow or leaves with renewed energy, you may find other members of the family adopt your shelter for their own uses. A strong smell of cigars or pipe smoke may indicate your shed has been invaded!

Maximize the storage space inside by adding racks for tools and cup hooks for smaller items. Include safe storage containers for any chemical pest control sprays makes it a safe place for the occasional smaller gardener and a set of child’s gardening tools is an insurance policy for the more dangerous adult versions.
In the interest of security, buy a decent sized padlock at the same time you purchase the shed, not only will it discourage loitering, but ensure the safety of your favorite collection of gardening tools.

Installing a small garden shed will give increased room in your garage, add to the enjoyment of hours spent outside, and give easy access to items needed for a quick tidy up in the garden.

Wooden Garden Sheds