Wooden Garden Sheds

Wooden Garden Sheds

The wooden garden shed evokes a nostalgia for bygone days. Don't let nostalgia get in the way of the ultimate functionality of wooden garden sheds. They are durable, sturdy and endure far beyond the expectations of most gardeners with minimal maintenance. Available in a range of sizes to suit, wooden garden sheds are roomy enough to store the most basic garden tools, including a mower and still have room for a few shelves to store clay pots and other gardening supplies.

A Basic Foundation

With any garden shed, the most important part of the installation is the foundation. Provide a stable foundation that protects wood from moisture, dampness and insect infestation. A slab of cement is usually adequate. Although, for decorative purposes, some gardeners choose colorful foundations from stone materials as well. The structure, if pre-fabricated, will be installed with a base frame which attaches the shed structure to the foundation. This gives it maximum stability against strong wind. Once the foundation and structure are attached, the rest of the work is a matter of personal taste and design.

wooden garden shed

Wooden Garden Sheds - A Welcome Backyard Addition

Garden sheds come in a wide variety of styles. Choose a wooden garden shed that enhances the overall design of the home and backyard. For a rugged appeal, choose wooden garden sheds with a log cabin exterior. For larger sizes, the shed might be designed with a barn or equine stable effect. Add a gambrel roof or for extra flair, choose a roof in a bright color to set off the wood. For avid gardeners who spend a lot of their free time in their garden shed working with potted plants, the interior can be outfitted with lots of shelves lined with flower pots of different sizes. Be sure to set aside room for vegetable flats if that is also a part of the gardening experience.

The Wooden Garden Shed - An Extension of Backyard Life

Though a wooden garden shed has its mode of functionality, it can also be an extension of backyard life. This is fairly simple to do. If the shed is used to store garden tools, place them along the inside wall in a decorative design. Add a separate interior area for a small desk and bookshelf for reference books. Make a quiet nook by placing a small bench or wicker chair just outside the shed door.

Wooden Garden Sheds